Why Is The Title Of An Article So Important?

Why Is The Title Of An Article So Important?


The title is so important because it is primarily the thing that everyone sees. Mostly your article will be seen in the list of google search results and the title is what the reader reads. Also, if your article is showing up in the sidebar or your website etc. it will just be the title.


The title is so important because it’s essentially the only thing the reader has to judge whether or not to decide to click and read the article. That’s why you want to get your title awesome!

A catchy title is a great way to keep your reader stay and actually read the whole article and even more, bookmark your site and come on a regular basis. So how do you  really create a good title for your articles? Read on.

How To Think Of A Good Title For Your Article


Ask yourself, what is my article about? What do I want to say to my readers? What do I want my readers to learn? Once you know the gist of your article, think of the shortest word or sentences that can be your title. It can be really simple. List it and enumerate all the phrases that come to your mind. Brainstorm. Create a witty title that involves a play on words. Hidden meanings, puns and unusual terms create mystery and suspense. These are the magic to word play. Don’t be afraid to really play about words. It should be really unique. Then decide on which one stands out. Which one has a retention to you? Then choose that one.


How Do you Know If Your Title Is Good


If you surf the internet and you saw an article and you decided you won’t read it, the title of that article is DULL and boring. So if you are thinking how do I know if my title is good enough, ask yourself if you think your title is dull. If it is, erase and delete it all and start thinking for a new one.

Next, do not create a title that is too long. For crying out loud, it s a title, not a caption or whatsoever, or worse, a paragraph. You will confuse your reader once you do that, you will lose that reader. Some people use really long titles, especially because of Search Engine Optimization or SEO so that they have more words in the title, meaning there will be more words to be crawled by search engine crawlers. But that’s just not right. The main reason that there is a title because that is the gist or clincher that your readers must read and decide whether they are interested or not.

Your title should be, actually, must be appropriate. You won’t make an article about diabetes and make your title not about diabetes or way too far about it. It should be really appropriate that when a reader reads it, he or she will know the gist of the article.

Your article should be easy to remember. It should be unique. So really, if you want to know more about the tips and tricks on how to create a catchy title, just click this link and watch and download my free video that I made about a lot of topics like website development, how to create a basic blog, how to do SEO, how to make articles, etc. Click here to access the free video.

If you have any issues with the video, feel free to comment below so I can further help you.

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