Tom Piotrowski – Can He Be Taken Seriously?

If you were an executive or an event organizer, would you want your guests to listen to Tom Piotrowski talking to them about finance? Many in your audience may have followed the Piotrowski controversy over his decision to grow a caveman-like beard. Some online commentators even suggested that he may have “gone too far” with this “stunt”.

Given these facts, would an audience at a Tom Piotrowski speaking event ever take the speaker seriously?

The real truth about Piotrowski

The real truth is that audiences love it when Piotrowski starts talking to them. Anyone that knows who the man REALLY is would feel the same way too:

  • Tom Piotrowski works as a market analyst with a reputable securities company. As such, he knows exactly what he speaks to his audience about
  • He is also a regular commentator on financial events with a number of prestigious media outlets. That means mainstream media trusts his judgement enough to expose their vast audience to it!
  • Piotrowski’s grasp of issues influencing local and global markets is so strong that he can speak on a wide variety of topics impacting the every-day investor. And that endears him to his audience as well!

Audiences looking for genuine advice about their financial future can definitely relate to Piotrowski. And that’s why he makes such a great speaker on the talk circuit.

Can his advice be trusted?

Australians worried about future financial stability would be wondering whether Tom Piotrowski is just another smooth talking sales person, or whether he really does have the credentials that qualify him to speak on financial matters. So when you consider that:

  • In an earlier life Piotrowski was a trader in Fixed Income and Currency markets
  • He is also a member of the Securities and Derivatives Industry Association
  • and he qualified under ASIC for financial industry compliance

then the advice that he may give and comments that he makes during his talks can only be construed as trustworthy. If that were not so, the regulatory authorities wouldn’t allow him to practice and give financial advice to his clients!


Growing your wealth – Safely!

Despite the firestorm that his beard growing decision caused on Facebook, over the years Tom Piotrowski has helped many individuals and groups achieve financial freedom. His ability to deconstruct the latest global financial happenings into simple, easy to understand language makes audiences want to listen to him speak.

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