What Tools Do We Have To Access For The Headline Optimisation?

What Tools Do We Have To Access For The Headline Optimisation?


Again the question is worded weirdly.


Regarding SEO, all you have is the SEO Ultimate Plugin on the New Post form on wealthcreationseminars.net


You can put in the headline to the Meta-Title field to control what is shown to the searcher when they are reading the google results page. You get 72 characters.


Also, you have the WordPress Post Title, which is completely separate to the Meta-Title config. This controls what shows up as the title on the actual website and can be as long or short as you want.


Also, if you really want, just in the main body area of your WordPress post, you can put in a title and set it to a larger formatting like H2… then it’ll be a pretty big headline too.


So as far as length of the headline, measured in characters. You only get 72 on the google search results page but on the website essentially you have as much as you want.




If you meant tools regarding generating the headlines, we have tonnes and tonnes of formulas and I’ve just compiled like 16 massive sources of copywriting headline stuff and formulas into a spreadsheet I’m calling the Headline Mega-Store. It’s pretty easy to come up with something, you’d actually have to try really hard and make an effort to NOT have an awesome headline.


FYI, if you ever wanted to, you can go to google and type in ‘char count’ and go to the first result and you can paste any headline/txt in and it will tell you how many characters it is. This is pretty handy when you aren’t logged into WordPress but are writing headlines and stuff.


Because honestly, nearly all my headlines are longer and stuff. Well the formulas are.


Then I have to squeeze it down to 72 characters just for the google page. But the main titles on the websites etc. are all the real full length ones I come up with.

But if you really want to know how to come up with great headlines, ask yourself, what is my article about? What would I like to say to my users? What do I need my users to learn? When you know the substance of your article, think about the most brief word or sentences that can be your title. It can be truly straightforward. Show it and identify all the expressions that strike a chord. Conceptualize. Make a witty title that includes a pun. Concealed implications, plays on words and surprising terms make secret and anticipation. These are the enchantment to word play. Try not to be hesitant to truly play about words. It ought to be truly novel. At that point choose which one emerges. Which one has a maintenance to you? At that point pick that one. And don’t be afraid to choose the best headline for your article. But be sure you are following the rules, like using shorter ones than the longer ones because headlines are like that, it’s not a paragraph.

Again, you can use SEO Ultimate plugin so you know if your headline is too short or too long. Always research about the headline you are choosing. Research about the keywords in your headline. And especially, research about the uniqueness of it. There are so many ways to know a good headline. If it is current and catchy, that would really make it famous because people like current events and catchy titles. But be sure it is really relevant to your niche or to your topic.

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