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Hi there hows it going?Are you looking for a profitable job to work with? A job that will fit your skills, flexibility in work and schedule? And a job to work from home?…Need I ask any more as you and me and every one on the planet would and should want this if they knew what a great potential this is for gaining the best life style ever!

You’ve just landed on the right site! 🙂

I have here a list for you to choose from! I have listed the Top 10 online jobs that you can work from home.On holidays at the cafe at the train station..where ever! Read on and find your best job ever!

Top 10 Home-based, Online Job Positions to Apply on the Internet

  1. Affiliate Marketing Manager – Work and earn money with other teams to manage a company’s affiliate program, as well as to generate, develop and implement marketing strategies in order to grow a business.
  2. Web Content Writer – Make money online with your passion in writing, help to develop a website with your skills and inspire people as a blogger.
  3. Virtual Assistant – Be an online secretary and manager. Provide administrative and technical services to earn money online.
  4. Call Center Agent – Give a customer satisfactory by communicating with them in a professional manner and deal with the clients via phone and email.
  5. Technical Support Representative – Provide technical and network support to your customers by giving them the right solution to their inquiries and complaints.
  6. Web Developer – Use your skills and talent in developing and designing a web and earn money online.
  7. Online Reseller – Reach out to people who want to sell their stuff, but can’t do it by themselves. And earn money by selling and promoting their items online.
  8. Document Translator – Use your talent, skill and knowledge in different languages. Translate documents and make money on the web.
  9. Data-Entry Employee – Work online and help many companies to go digital. Be their virtual secretary by typing documents into the computer and updating their records and data.
  10. Transcriber – Use your excellent listening skills and fast typing speed by working as an online interview or video transcriber. Listen to audio recordings, type everything you heard out of it and send it back to your client.

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