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I wanted to share a little story…

Over time, I have run into my fair share of people who are keen to create success in their life but simply can’t afford the training or high-cost education courses that generally you need to purchase to discover how to really make money.

In fact, that’s the reason I started FreeMoneyBook.com.au in the first place. To support people in getting free access to life changing education.

And I want to make sure that I continue that…

I’ve been using a nice little trick to download countless hours of free education, training and real full-length audio books. Some of these books actually would cost money too.

But I found a way to download them for F-R-E-E and 100% Legally.

Now please let me be very clear. Downloading some stuff of the Internet can actually create you a legal nightmare because some things are copyrighted and if you illegal download them that is in fact stealing and theft.

But with my method, you make sure that you are only accessing files and audio that it is 100% legal for you to download and use the material.

As Napolean Hill says in his famous book Think And Grow Rich, “I realise that no wealth or position can long endure unless built upon truth and justice.”

It’s important to stick to that.

I created a short video that details the process step by step. This video has all the information in it to be able to do this. It’s just some awesome value I wanted to deliver to you for free, because I know that this could be life-changing for you.

You can watch the video here:


Enjoy it.

Creating Riches,


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