What Is Viral Marketing? Secret Facts About Viral Marketing

What Is Viral Marketing? Secret Facts About Viral Marketing

Do you want to know what Viral Marketing is? If so, read this to learn everything you need to know about viral marketing. In fact, I’ll go into great detail and share with you many little known secrets.

The Great Viral Marketing Hoax – What They Didn’t Tell You Revealed

A lot of people have massive misconceptions about viral marketing and how easy or hard it is to do. First, lets define viral marketing so we know where we are starting.
When you type into google “What is Viral Marketing” you get a web definition of “a marketing technique whereby information about a company’s goods or services is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.”

This is the worst definition I’ve ever read of Viral Marketing and is completely incorrect.

A better definition – the best viral marketing definition in my opinion – would be that Viral Marketing is an aggressive and zealous marketing strategy that can be used for any retail or commercial trade enterprise online or offline where the dealing or exchange of merchandise occurs between customers.

The Biggest Lie Internet Marketers Like To Tell About Viral Marketing

The biggest lie that Internet Marketers or simply online free information tells you about Viral Marketing in fact has nothing to do with Viral Marketing. It’s actually what they DON’T tell you that is the problem.

Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO or PPC or whatever online marketing you want to talk about is totally useless if you don’t have a proper online website business setup to begin with.

This starts all the way at the beginning with registering your domain name and hosting. Now, you may already have a website setup and that’s great too, but you need to ensure that it is built securely because chances are it’s not.

I have literally had clients that have paid $1000.00’s of dollars for their website and have had issues with the hosting, and upon consulting with me I’ve moved them over to a new host. In fact, one client named Mike had paid for his hosting 1 year in advanced and stood to lose hundreds of dollars but he chose to swap over to a more secure setup.
The good news is that I have prepared an easy to follow, step by step instruction video that walks you through everything you need to do to register a domain and hosting account and configure it in the best highly secure, safe and locked-down way possible. And you can access that for totally free simply by clicking here.

Now you might already have a domain name and that’s ok, you can just ignore the domain info and use the info about configuring secure hosting etc. This video is completely free (and I do mean COMPLETELY free, you don’t have to enter your email, you don’t have to signup, its literally free).

The Shocking Truth About Viral Marketing – Their Lies Exposed

Many people don’t know this, actually, most people think that viral marketing is just about viral videos on Youtube. This is not the full story. The best viral marketing campaigns stretch beyond just videos and utilized social media, the blogosphere and even offline advertising campaigns.
The real truth about viral marketing is that it is actually a lot easier than you think. You can sprout and implement an awesome viral campaign even if you are a one man band also known as a solopreneur.
Most entrepreneurs these days are building their businesses online and with technology such as blogs, websites, etc. And this is great because the Internet or online world is a fantastic medium to run a viral marketing advertising campaign.

3 Warning Signs That Your Viral Marketing Idea Is Guaranteed To Fail

1 – You don’t have a strong foundation for your campaign success
2 – Your website isn’t secure and becomes victim to your virality
3 – You haven’t even covered off the basics when it comes to configuring your website.
Before you even think about doing Viral Marketing – or even expanding your learning any more about this subject – it’s important to ensure that the foundation of your Internet Marketing or Online Business efforts are solid. This will enable you to have a thriving and flourishing online business and maybe even an Internet Marketing empire.
What’s the point of having a budding successful online Viral Marketing Campaign and earning a tonne of money from it if your website could simply be hacked and you then have everything you’ve built disappear overnight. That’d be horrible – especially if you had quit your job and your online income was you ONLY income.
That’s why it’d be beneficial for ANYONE to quickly go through my free video trainings on how to setup your website in the most secure way possible. You can download this absolutely for free – start with this 20minute video on registering your hosting.
The video course that I’m giving you for free is the exact step by step instructions of how I setup his new website to be extremely secure. Click here to watch these videos for free now.

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