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Wealth Creation  Coaching Program

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Free Bonus #1—Free Wealth Creation Book

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles asserts that all of us have the ability to obtain enough wealth to live as we desire and to fulfill our purpose in life.

There exists a science of getting rich — and like algebra or arithmetic, once this science is understood and replicated, it will create wealth…

Click here to download The Science Of Getting Rich Book by Wallace D Wattles PDF.

Free Bonus #2—Free Wealth Creation Audio

The Common Denominator Of Success by Albert E N Gray is one of the most famous all time classics and is essential for anyone in any field who seeks success in their professional, personal or spiritual lives.

Thirty years of experience as a successful executive in the insurance industry helped Albert Gray find answers and important information that’s relevant to our lives far beyond his own profession.

I’ve taken this book and read it out aloud into an audio book but by doing it in a special way I created a super-learning audio book reading. This means that you will learn the concepts faster, easier, with a deeper level of knowing which will create enormous positive change in your life.

  • It’s not recommended to listen to this audio track in intense volumes. The more loud it is the more conscious you’ll become of your learnings and the more softer it is the more your subconscious mind will hear and pick up on the important learnings you need to see.

Click here to download The Common Denominator Of Success Super-Learning Audio Book MP3. (30.8MB)

Free Bonus #3—Free Wealth Creation Webinar

“How To Get 7 New Clients In The Next 17 Days… Without Chasing, Cold-Calling Or Cheesy Sales Tactics.”

Nick Cownies big webinar includes his proven methods, samples and examples how to earn 6 figures in your spare time and enjoy the lifestyle of a rich entrepreneur…

It speaks for itself.

Click here to access Nick Cownies “How To Get 7 New Clients In The Next 17 Days… Without Chasing, Cold-Calling or Cheesy Sales Tactics” webinar now.

And now for the first week of your 52 week training serious

Click here to access your first lesson;

Strategic Planning Workshop

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