Not All Wealth Creation Companies are Frauds. Learn How to Tell the Difference!

Wealth creation companies in Australia have had their fair share of bad publicity over the years. And to a large extent most of that criticism is the result of unduly painting an entire industry with a broad brush of condemnation. Critics selectively point to certain wealth building events that one or two companies may have organized, which may have been borderline fraudulent. However, a vast majority of events like Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneurs Conference are transparent and above reproach.

Ordinary Australians that are interested in building, creating and protecting their wealth should not get the idea that all wealth creation companies are out to scam them of their life savings. At the same time though, putting blind faith in a company, its products and services, and its advice is also not prudent as a wealth accumulation strategy.  When you attend an event sponsored by or run by a wealth building company, here are a few tips that might help tell whether they are mainstream or in the fringes:

  • Are they a new outfit, or they one of the few wealth creation companies that have been around for a decade or so?
  • Do their representatives try to hard sell you their products and services at their events?
  • Are you asked to sign documentation that you don’t understand or don’t have the time to read before you attend one of their “FREE” seminars?
  • Have their founding-members published books about wealth building, and are those publications well respected by the wealth building community?
  • Are the panelists and speakers at their events well known in Australian wealth-creation circles?
  • Do their promises of wealth creation seem wildly impossible: Write me a cheque for $5,000 before you leave today, and I will turn it into $50,000 in 5 days!

Remember, all reputable wealth creation companies in Australia will never force you into entering any property transaction at one of their events. The primary objective of those events is to inform and educate. They provide you with knowledge and share personal experiences with their audience. They are not there to sell you property or take deposits from you.

Your guiding principle should be: If someone from a wealth building company makes a claim that sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Avoid that company and its representatives at all cost!

Wealth creation companies like Stuart Zadel’s have been around for almost a decade providing invaluable wealth building knowledge and advice to ordinary investors. Through events like the Property Entrepreneurs Conference, Zadel and his team have turned the fortunes of many Australians around. No wonder all of Zadel’s events are sold out the minute his schedule is announced! Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, you’re sure to find one taking place near you. Register your FREE ticket today because I know how quickly seats fill up for a cracker of an event like this!!!

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