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While highly qualified individuals and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners do strike it rich, property investment is one of the surest way of wealth creation in Australia. Some have called property investments “wealth building on steroids”. And thanks to events like Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneurs Conference many ordinary Australians are embracing this strategy as their wealth building strategy of choice. When done correctly, it is one vehicle that can create wealth faster and with less risk than many others, including playing the stock market.

Invest. Don’t Gamble!

Why bet your fortune on the stock markets? Stock picking as a strategy for wealth creation has been likened to gambling. Here’s why:

  • You need to be able to time the market to make a fortune in the stock market
  • You are often subject to the whims of external (outside of Australia) forces for wealth creation in Australia using the stock market
  • There are many dubious players (Short Sellers, High-frequency traders) in the ring, trading alongside well-intentioned retail stock investors like yourself

And with all the scandals and insider trading schemes that have hit the newspapers recently, there’s no telling if you picked a company that’s even solvent. If you have just a few years before retirement, is that truly a safe way to grow your wealth? Hardly!

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire!

Many financial advisors frown on stock picking as a fool’s game. Instead, they advocate investing in Mutual Funds as the best wealth creation strategy in Australia. But that’s like moving from the pan and jumping into the fire! According to these advisors, who by the way receive Commissions, Trailing fees, Front Load fees, Back End fees and other payments for the products you buy, Mutual Funds are the way to create wealth in a safer way.

While these advisors encourage clients to invest, they tactfully shy away from discussing the dreaded MER’s (Management Expense Ratios) and Management fees (over and above the previously mentioned fees and commissions!) that a Mutual Fund charges its investors. Once factored into the cost of an investment, those expenses are akin to walking two steps forward and one backward when it comes to growing your wealth. So why would you bet on such a strategy as being your end game for wealth creation?

The Better Way

So what’s a better way? With property investment there is the opportunity to invest very little (and sometimes none!) of your own money, and yet become cash flow positive in a short period of time. Property investment seminars, workshops and conferences teach aspiring investors many strategies for safe and quick wealth creation throughout Australia.

For instance, many Australians have learned how to make their fortunes by buying distressed houses for 40% or more below their market value and then selling them for a huge profit. Others have used the hidden secret of the “Takeover Deed” to buy a house with no deposit, no bank loan and no stamp duty, and then sell it for tremendous gains. You’ll never be able to match these gains using any of the other wealth creation strategies today if you can educate yourself on how to do it right!

The first step to financial independence

By attending Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneurs Conference individual investors will realize the power of educations and the ways in which property investment can help your wealth creation goals in Australia. By learning the unique and powerful wealth building strategies used by some of Australia’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, ordinary Australians can take their financial destiny into their own hands and create their individualized wealth creation plan.  No matter where in Australia you live, whether it is in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, you’re sure to find a Stuart Zadel event taking place near you!

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