Wealth Creation Seminars 2015 List

Now that 2014 is coming to a close there aren’t many wealth creation seminars being held. On this page I’ll discuss some top 2013 seminars to attend.

2014 was a great year for wealth creation. Some of the housing markets maintained strong growth and there was amazing progress on the stock market. It seems the recovery from the global financial crisis is happening somewhat, even though there is still a lot of apprehension around the financial situations in Europe and the fact that America has printed trillions of dollars.

But really all of these worldly events have nothing to do with how successful you are at creating wealth in 2015. In fact, the greatest determiner of your success will be you. Over the next few years and decades there will be many rises and falls of markets and many people and companies booming or going bust. The one thing that will determine if you succeed or not is your education about what’s going on.

The following wealth creation seminars will be held in 2015 and they are the top pick for seminar being held in Australia.

1 – Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneurs Conference

This is the premium property seminar being held in Australia at the moment. It is almost the only property seminar that will not hock you negative geared property. And of the few seminar that are actually teaching fast growth entrepreneur property strategies, this is by far the best.

Stuart Zadel holds his seminars all around the country, in every major city: Brisbane, Sydney, Melboure, Perth and Adelaide. It’s one of the only seminars that has the strength and quality to have so many attendees he can hold it in the smaller (and further away) cities like Perth and even Adelaide.

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2 – Stuart Zadel’s Business Opportunity Summit

Stuart introduced a brand new wealth creation seminar in 2012 called the Business Opportunity Summit. This was a landmark event that specifically taught business owners and those new to business how to make fast, solid profits in business. It is a very different approach to wealth creation compared to his property seminars as the Business Opportunity Summit is more focused on generating profits in business.

This event has now been replaced by his Ultimate Property Entpreneur & Investors Conference which is dedictaed to bring you fresh cutting edge information from some of the best in Australian when it comes to wealth, property and financial education.

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