Top 3 Seminars In Australia – Honest Review

Wealth creation seminars in Australia are easy to come by but not all stand up to the promise they deliver. Don’t waste your time going to some piss poor wealth creation seminars, go to one of the top 3 instead.

Wealth creation seminars in Australia have somewhat been reduced to negative gearing tell-a-thons that end up trying to hock you property at the end. This is not wealth creation this is simply dumping your money into the real estate market. Don’t waste your time with these. Instead, go to one of the top 3 wealth creation seminars in Australia and actually learn the secrets you need to get ahead financially.

Top Wealth Creation Seminars In Australia – No #1

By far the best wealth creation seminar in Australia at the moment is Stuart Zadel’s Think And Grow Rich Property Entrepreneurs Conference. Stuart Zadel has been running these for years and each one reveals a multitude of secrets about how to succeed in today’s property markets.

These definitely aren’t negative gearing hocking-a-thons. The content delivered is constantly changing over time and always includes the most cutting edge property strategies for making some massive cash relatively fast.

Think And Grow Rich Seminars is one of Australia’s leading wealth creation seminars and has an excellent reputation for integrity regarding how they operate and what they deliver. Stuart himself is a cordial man with a very refined presentation style. He is extremely entertaining, funny and teaches in a manner where you are having fun and are interested while you’re learning.

Stuart talks about how you can use any one of the strategies he presents in his book Think And Grow Rich Property, now in it’s second edition, to either become financially free or make 1 million dollars within 5 years. Now by anyone’s standards that’s pretty good.

The best part is, as part of Stuart’s quest to give back to Australian’s he often releases tickets to his events for free. To secure absolutely free tickets to one of the next Think And Grow Rich Property Entrepreneurs Tickets click here.

Be warned though. Stuart Zadel’s seminars always book out extremely fast – we’re talking months in advance sometimes. He hasn’t held one since last year so the first seminars for 2012 will be packed. If you are interested in going secure you tickets today.

Top Wealth Creation Seminars In Australia – No #2

Now the second best Wealth Creation Seminars in Australia are held by QC Seminars. The best wealth creation seminar they hold is their NLP Scholarship training held around the country.

QC Seminars is run by Roberta Fadoul, a young female entrepreneur. She teaches NLP and other wealth creation secrets that anyone can use to explode their wealth in any economy or environment.

What I like about the NLP Scholarship is the skills taught will enable you to create more wealth in your life no matter what strategy or vehicle you have chosen to build wealth in. Whether it be shares, property, business – anything, NLP will be able to help you seriously improve your results and make more money easily.

The NLP taught is the full practitioner training, with some other companies charging thousands for the same information. It comes complete with a massive manual, audio’s of the whole seminar, dvd’s and extras. The trainers are Roberta, her father George and other certified NLP trainers and speakers.

The best part with this training is it’s incredibly low cost of $97 compared to the massive value you get! That’s quite amazing and this seminar is definitely one you want to get yourself to.

Click here to get free information, cd’s and dvd’s on NLP from the QC seminars website.

Top Wealth Creation Seminars In Australia – No #3

The third best wealth creation seminar in Australia is called Resolving the Mindset Riddle. It is run by Paul Blackburn of Beyond Success.

Paul Blackburn is Australia’s leading mindset and wealth creation coach and Beyond Success is the largest coaching company in Australia. They also just recently won the 2011 Coaching Business of the Year Award. They are by far the premier solution to wealth creation seminars in Australia.

Resolving the Mindset Riddle covers a range of mindset, financial and wealth creation goal lessons and exercises to get you in tip top shape for wealth creation. Although some specific wealth creation strategies are presented the information is also applicable to other strategies as well – which is what you want; stuff that works in any situation.

Paul Blackburn is an amazing Australia speaker who teaches with a massive amount of fun. Let me tell you your face will be hurting by the end of the first day. The powerful and serious information delivered in a jovial style means that you learn it extremely fast and it sticks.

Resolving the Mindset Riddle doesn’t come cheap however. It’s a $1,970 seminar. However, it is definitely worth every single cent because the information contained in it will make you 10 times that much.

Paul and his wife Mary also run The Better Life Foundation which is a charitable organisation helping people. As part of their crusade of kindness you can access tickets to Resolving the Mindset Riddle for a massive 90% off. Simply, you just need to use this link to get a massive $1773 saving off the seminar

Securing your spot for a mere $197 is the best thing you can do as this is one of the best Wealth Creation Seminars in Australia!

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