Wealth Creation Seminars – Free Tickets

Looking for wealth creation seminars and some free tickets? Most seminars now cost money, but here is a simple trick you can use to get free tickets!

The amount of wealth creation seminars being run in Australia has been decreasing and this is due to economic situations. Of the ones that are, there are almost none that are free – and the free ones are usually not very high quality.

All of the seriously good wealth creation seminars have upped their prices. You either have to buy something from their website to get tickets, or simply pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get in.

Are There Any Free Tickets Left To Any Seminars?

Nowadays you have to get a bit savvy to get free tickets to seminars – but never fear, because wealthcreationseminars.net is here!

I make it a point to share around free tickets if I find them, and because we go to so many seminars we often get many extra tickets and we post the codes (usually to the email list, sometimes on the website)

So yes there are still free tickets to seminars, you just have to know what you are doing.

How To Claim Free Tickets They Are Handing Out


Seminar companies often give away free tickets as bonuses, promotions, referrals etc. For example, usually if you attend a wealth creation seminar they will give you a couple of tickets to either come back again or gift to your friends – boom, 2 free tickets.

Stuart Zadel’s Ultimate Property & Entrepreneurs Conference is giving away tickets to his event for free – no caveats!

But if you haven’t been to one yet don’t worry.

If you get in quick and book your tickets well in advance chances are you can score free tickets. Click here to see his website and if any tickets are left.

How To Creatively Acquire Free Tickets

Once all the free tickets are gone, they are gone, right? Well, maybe not. For example, many companies give away free tickets if you purchase something from them. It might be a home study course, DVD’s or a book. The free tickets come as a bonus and bam, you got yourself into the seminar.

But you don’t want to buy stuff to get the tickets, then it isn’t free. So how do you do it?

If you buy Stuart Zadels second edition of the book ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast’ and inside the book cover are a couple of free tickets.

This book retails for $27.95.. BUT.. Stuart did run a special promotion giving these books away for free. That means there are a bunch of free tickets in circulation you might be able to get.

A more direct route would be to get one of the free promotional books sent to you and then use the free tickets in it. Now I think the promotion has strictly limited stock (and you might not be able to get a book anymore) so you should click here to go to the special promotional site to see if you can get a free book sent to you.

If you are lucky enough to get one, inside will be free tickets to the seminar, and you can use them to attend a first-class conference for free! Genius 🙂

Click Here To Receive Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Free Books, Courses and Seminar Tickets.

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