Wealth Creation Seminars .net Is BACK – And Better Then Ever

You wouldn’t believe it..

…It’s January 2017…

The last post I made to this website was in October 2015…

How in the WORLD has this website continued to pay me passive income!?


How in the WORLD has this website continued to survive?

Continued to rank high in Google?

Continued to pay me ongoing passive income, month after month after month…


Simple; when you lay your foundations properly, you have a sturdy abode.

We all remember the story of the three little pigs.

One makes his house out of straw. One makes his house out of wood. Once makes his house out of stone.

Well I made this beast out of clean, pure, positive intention backed with desire, unshakeable faith combined with intentions of peace, love and harmony.

I made this beast WEALTHY.


Without further ado…

(and buy the way my apologies for the short rest I had…)



And 2017 is gonna be one amazing year.

Want a sneak peak at whats coming?

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And by the way…

For the first time ever I’m going to pull back the curtains and reveal to you:

  • how I bought a property for a 30% discount with none of my own money… and then doubled it’s value in a week…
  • why I turned my back on my whole Internet business, and how it’s continued to run and pay me thousands per month for over a year! (hint, it’s part of my new @ZERO touch@ system of making passive income)
  • PLUS, how I went from being a millionaire on paper to being poorer than dirt… and why the hell I did it… (if you haven’t heard the term ‘being a straw man’ or stumbled upon the secret Vestey Trust System this is a must see!)

Stay tuned.

And signup to the newsletter… Because I’ve deleted everyone and am starting from scratch!!!

Create Wealth!

The WCS.net Team

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