What To Look For in a Wealth Seminar? Find Out Before Registering!

Wealth seminar promoters routinely advertise their events through print media, television spots and over the internet. It seems as though there’s no escaping from them, and eventually even the most resolute of hold outs will finally give in and sign up to attend one. And that’s exactly what some (not all!) organizers hope for. They bet on the fact that their hard sell tactics will provide them enough revenue to make the event profitable for them.

Beware of events that take hard selling to get your attention! Not every organizer of a wealth seminar resorts to such pressure selling however. Events like the Stuart Zadel Property Entrepreneurs Conference are offered across Australia, but the organizers don’t twist arms or corral you around the street corner to attend. When an event is proposed to you in a professional manner, that’s the kind of event you should consider attending.

Do you know who is behind the wealth seminar you are being asked to attend? If you don’t, then make it a priority to find out first before you fork out the registration fee. There’s nothing wrong with a relatively new comer to the Australian property investment scene offering a workshop or a seminar. But as an intending participant, it behoves you to do some research and verify his/her credentials. Don’t just look for elegance or experience. Understand why he/she should be worth your time and money. And find out if he/she themselves are investing in the ideas that they are teaching in their conferences and seminars. So if push came to shove, should you choose experience over elegance? And the answer is – both!

Some speakers are very elegant at SELLING their events. But they may not always deliver substance and relevant content to participants. Sadly though, elegance often fills seats but hardly ever fills minds! An experienced presenter of a wealth seminar on the other hand knows why the audience are there, and strives to deliver real value by INFORMING and EDUCATING participants. Unfortunately some experienced speakers aren’t very elegant at doing a sales job!

With presenters like Stuart Zadel participants you get the best of both worlds! While presenting his materials elegantly to his audience, Zadel also displays the confidence and command of his subject that experience brings.  And just like him, the Zadel panel of expert speakers are also well known and well respected across the Australian property investment business. Those are precisely the type of people who can truly educate and inform an audience when it comes to building wealth through property investing.

Attending a Stuart Zadel event, whether it’s a  wealth seminar, workshop or his Property Entrepreneurs Conference, is the possibly most practical way to start down the path to becoming financially independent. If you are determined to start building your wealth through the Australian property market, then you owe it to yourself to get informed and be educated before you start investing. These events are held regularly across Australia. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth, you’re sure to find one taking place near you. Register your FREE ticket today because I know how quickly seats fill up for a cracker of an event like this!!!

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