How Do I Know What’s A Good Topic?

How Do I Know What’s A Good Topic?


How long is a piece of string?


Really the topics that you right about are elicited from your Business Plan and Marketing Strategy, which you formulate up-front before you start your online business.


Day to day, it’s important to enjoy your life and your activities – even if you are working from home. I believe in only doing things that I like because my time is too precious to waste on things I don’t like.


So, a good topic is often one you feel inspired to write about. Obviously there needs to be a shred of relation to your monetization method and business plan etc. But generally you build your Business Plan around your passions anyway, so that you totally love what you do and are enthralled to write.


That being said, sometimes I like to write about random stuff, just to take the ‘seriousness’ of the writing and for a bit of a breath of fresh air (for my fingers I guess)

Yes, a good topic is often one you feel inspired to write about. Actually, in reality, any topic can be a good topic, may it be positive or negative topic. Why? Well, you can think of this as simple as this one. You might like health and fitness topics and be inspired whenever you are writing them. Some people might love the too because it’s either they are a sport enthusiast, a nutritionist or basically they just work out every day and they take care of themselves. Sounds like a really great topic, right?

But, come to think of this too. Some people love gory things, gory movies or gory games. Some people use their time watching endless gory Youtube clips just because they enjoy it. So writing about gory things and topics can be their interest too. So do you think it will be a good topic to create and talk about with those kinds of audience? Yes? I thought so. So you get my point about anything can be a good topic. Did you know that there is a blog about a man’s stool every day? Yes, believe it or not, there is. And surprisingly, people flock to his site just to read articles and see pictures of his stool, if you know what I mean. Eek. My point is, you can write anything, any topic as long as you have an interest to write them and as long as you are passionate about writing them yourself. Because articles which are written passionately creates a really good result or content.

So what you just need to learn is how to create good content about any topic, any topic at all. You can now think of your own interesting topic now and start creating content as long as you KNOW how to do it correctly.

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