Winning Ways Real Estate Sales Program At Perth

What has gone wrong in the real estate industry? Why do sales seem so low these days?

But here’s a winning solution for you.

Attend the Winning Ways-Real Estate Sales Program. This is a three day seminar for real estate sales people, managers, leaders and principals. The seminar will create a spectacular results.

Most people who have attended the seminar, definitely said this, “WINNING WAYS is the best real estate sales course in the world”.

The event date and place will be at:

Parmelia Hilton 14 Mill Street, Perth WA

Time: 9:00AM -5:15 More


Client Services 02 9894 8988

Meet The Sales Trainer

Meet Gary Pittard, the Sales Trainer in the event. He has the passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge in making huge sales results for his clients. He opened his own real estate office with a franchise network.

He loved the idea on how to find sellers, sign up for auctions, collects advertising money, sold properties at auction and increase profile. This is all the things that he will share with you in this 3 day event.

In October 1988, Gary opened a real estate office with a franchise network. He loved the idea of ready-made programs: how to find sellers, how to sign up auctions, how to collect advertising money, how to do open-inspections, how to get properties sold at auction and – the biggest focus – how to increase profile.

He successfully burst into the real estate scene with his motto, big signs, big ads and big profit. He began to look for solution. He contacted the other agents in the network to work with him.

Pittard Training Group

He also formed the Pittard Training Group. They are specialists in real estate sales, leadership and management. They conduct consultation to real estate people in Australia and New Zealand.

The group is also responsible for the following:

1. Leadership and Management

  • Real Estate Agency Management Program is a five day course for managers on how they can create a highly profitable agency which succeeds regardless of economic or market conditions.

2. Real Estate Sales

    • Winning Ways – Real Estate Sales. A three-day seminar with one major purpose – to increase the number of sales into a real estate office.
    • The Winners Circle. An ongoing training and sales program for salespeople and their supporters.
    • Hotline Services and Coaching Programs. One-on-one telephone coaching services for salespeople and sales supporters.

3. Publications

    • Winning Ways Magazine – for real estate principals, managers, salespeople, sales supporters and property managers which gives full of ideas to create results.
    • Leaders Live – Interviews with profitable business leaders.
    • Winners Live – Interviews with high income earning salespeople, most of whom are among the best in the world.

4. Services

  • Agent-to-Agent Referral Network –the Pittard Training Group consults to some of the best agents in Australia and New Zealand

You won’t have to worry anymore with low sales because after attending this seminar you will find effective strategists on how you can make big sales in selling property in Australia. Do not ever miss this 3 day event happening in Perth. For your bookings and reservations, go and click the link here.

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