What Lead Me To Work Online?


Hi, readers! 🙂 There are a few valuable things that led me to work online, and that is what I’m going to share with you today.

Let me tell you a short story between God and man in the ancient times. Well, a thousand years ago, people will just directly ask God for help. Like for example, “Lord! Could you help me with this sword? I need to pull this out of the stone in order to forge my way through the land…” That was way thousand years before, and it’s totally different from our generation today. Nowadays, that sword could be our computers, in which God has given to let you work and survive your life in this world.

We’re already living in a digital life, where a lot of people rely on computers and where computers are included in the lifestyle of people.

There are two types of people in this digital world.

1) People who don’t have the enough ability to share with others, but are willing to be genuine and diligent and helpful to them without an exchange. And…

2) People who have all the capabilities to help, but they’re not genuine to help others.

When I have been yet earning money and contended with life, I don’t have compassion for anything else in this world. Well, I felt awful that I couldn’t help the needy, not because I just don’t want to, but because I don’t have enough stuff to give. Though I have my work that time, it is just enough for what I need to survive my life. I already gives my focus on that paint job, but my passion for arts didn’t just fit in the things I wanted to happen. So, I look for other courses after I quit my regular job, and I couldn’t  find something that could justify my student wages.



Things happen very fast, until I found a program that leads me to where I am today. A group of people (which is my team) introduced me the online job. I got quite interested to invest in Internet Marketing, because it really fits in with my skills. So then, I get started with affiliate and now I’m living as an aspiring, successful affiliate and content marketer.

With the computer and the skills I have in marketing, I can now wholeheartedly help many people to change their life too. I’m now using my abilities and passion to lend a hand to the needy, even without an exchange.

My life would not be as this if my team didn’t help me throughout my learning phase in the program. They are very supportive and are willing to lend their hands to teach and guide me to what I should learn to, until I can stand on my own and can already make money online. They could do the same thing to you. So you have two choices to choose from, 1) stay in your daily grinder OR 2) join our team and start living your dreams.

A brand new life awaits you. C’mon! Join us and become successful in life! 🙂

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Rose Daily

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