If I Write Some Serious Articles Without Humour Will People Be Confused?

If I Write Some Serious Articles Without Humour Will People Be Confused?


Maybe. I don’t know. Probably. Unfortunately, written text does not convey tonality and obviously there are no body language signals for the communication. There can often by misunderstandings even if you just say something innocent.


If you have a regular readership, a defined personality/persona and have locked down “your voice” people will start to be able to perceive this… but communication is hard enough as it is when you are face to face with someone.


Just remember, because your articles are on the Internet essentially a very large and broad range of people from all walks of life are reading it. And they all have their own personalities, beliefs, ideas etc. What may be funny to you and 10 other people may be confusing to some other people.


At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone all the time. It’s probably best if you just focus on the core precedent of the purpose of writing – creating a massive amount of quantity with some decent quality so you can attract a large enough amount of traffic to convert into sales and therefore make money. That’s the whole point…


Keep your eye on the prize. Where your focus goes, energy flows.

Again, when I said that when you already have your own voice that your readers have already perceived or got used to, then you are lucky because they already know your kind of tone when they are reading your own articles. More likely, they won’t be confused about your articles or your tone, or your humour or your seriousness. But for the people who just got into your site, it would be a bit difficult for them to know and listen to your tone.

So what to do about this? I say just be consistent to your realness or to what you have already started. Use the tone or style that you are comfortable using. Because you know what, the people who have been there reading your articles and buying your products for so many years have once been people who started not understanding your tone, in the first place. So just get on and go with your own style, may it be serious or funny or with a bit of humour. As long as it is within the topic, as long as it is appropriate to your target audience, and as long as you are using the right keywords, go on and write just about what you want, how you want.

Another of my opinion is, if you want to write about something serious or something funny, either of the two, just always ensure that you are interesting. Because anything, funny or not, long or not, article or saying, quote or news, whatever it is, as long as it is interesting and unique, people will bite and get hooked to it.

Writing an article is really not that easy of a job. It demands time, energy, knowledge, patience, creativity, humour, and a lot of words. But once you get a hang of what you do, you can always get used to it, and be better on it. That is as long as you do it continuously. But if in one time or another, you stop and just rest for some days, you’d be rusty in some way. So I suggest that you keep on writing and writing, and practicing and practicing. If you want, you can watch my free video about this and start learning new tips and techniques. Just click this link to watch my free video that I have made and you will be directed to it without any hassle.

Just make a comment below if you have any issues or questions about the video and I’d be glad to help you.

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