20th Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) Annual Conference At New Zealand

This year’s 20th Annual PRRES conference will be held in Lincoln, New Zealand. The Pacific Rim Real Estate Society holds their annual conference each year. The conference aims to teach you with a better understanding and cooperation in the rapidly changing environment of property education and market. It also offers professional development experience and networking opportunity.

Who are the PRRES? 

This was established in 1993 with the aim to offer a formal focus for property educators, researchers and practitioners in the Pacific Rim region. They have more than 130 members from different countries, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Foji, China, Indonesia, Indonesia and Korea. They continue to develop an international property research and education for the past years.

PRRES Objectives

The organizations aim to provide a formal focus on property educators, practitioners and researchers in the Pacific RIm region. They also encourage and conduct property research and education in the region. They conduct an annual property conference just like this upcoming 20th Annual Conference in New Zealand. And they also encourage international links via the IRES. What to Expect In the Annual Event? This is backed up by Australian and international speakers that is equipped with knowledge on the property market. So what’s there to see in this annual event?

  1. The conference got an A rating with the Excellence in Research for Australia
  2. More delegates have come from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, England, America, Canada, Germany and Spain
  3. It has 100 academic papers that covers widespread research activities in property
  4. The PhD Colloquium program is a full day program for PhD students with presentations that covers topics such as property valuation, property taxation, real estate development, property investment and listed property companies
  5. The Case Stud competition offers students with a real life business situation base on the given case. Itshares a vision of developing, personal development instudents. This also improves analytical thinking, team-work, communication and presentation skills.
  6. The industry day are sessions presented by leading property experts that focuses on issues related to the property industry.

Conference Speakers and Presenters

The conference is hosted by the Faculty of Commerce’s Property Group at Lincoln University Campus. This is co-branded with the International Real Estate Society (IRES). Professor Sandy Bond is the conference chairman and president of IRES. Most of the delegates for the past year were thankful for the level of professionalism that the speakers have shared in the sessions. They were thankful for being witness at first hand. Dr. Terence Boyd is one of the keynote speakers in the conference presenting property market analysis together with Neil Crosby presenting property valuations.

The theme for this year’s annual conference was, Resilient Communities: Providing for the Future. They provide a unique stage for property professionals and academics from all over the world to see first hand challenges and opportunities that are available. Delegates that previously joined the event were shocked and saddened by the opportunity they witness at first hand.

Do not be left out for this annual conference. For more information about this real estate conference, go and visit the link here.

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